Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New, Old, Indifferent…

Over the Christmas holidays I watched several football games and as I watched the different teams, it was easy to spot the teams that had been together a while, the teams that had some seasoned players and some rookies and sadly the teams that were thrown together.

One team I watched had a proven quarterback, however, the receivers and line men were new. The quarterback was getting sacked right and left because the linemen were unable to hold the line. If the quarterback did get a throw off, the receivers were having trouble holding onto the ball. I saw another team that the receivers were in place and open, but the quarterback hesitated too long.

As I watched the different teams play, my thoughts drifted and I began to think how much work teams are like sport teams. Each player/worker has a position and that position comes with duties and responsibilities. If just one player/worker is not functioning well or not being responsible, that player/worker can affect the out come for the entire team.

I watched a team that in the past has been a contender for the Super Bowl several times, but this year their fumbling and frequent missed throws were going to keep them on the sideline. It appeared as if this Team was not communicating. The owner was interviewed and he was behind his players 100%. However, his enthusiasm and support were not enough to carry the team forward to victory.

Another team I watched had lost for years and years, but this year they are headed to the playoffs. I found myself cheering for them even though they are not my home team. I admired their tenacity. The owner did not give up on them and the team did not give up on themselves. For years players on this team came and went but finally the mix became right and the team moved forward.

Companies like sport teams have good years and bad years, however, if the players/workers stay together long enough and they all keep their eyes on the objective, victory will be tasted.