Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Question for the Generational Difference Game!


You have an employee that is 24 years old.  Their mother lives in another state and she is very ill; therefore, this employee has been using their company smart phone to stay in touch with their mother.

You are unaware the employee has been using the company cell phone for the calls to their mother until you receive the bill. Once you have been made aware you know you must approach this employee. What kind of reaction do you think you will receive?


  1. Surprise, because the employee thought all cell phones plans have unlimited minutes.
  2. Apologetic, because the employee misused their corporate privileges.
  3. Fear, because the employee now thinks they are going to lose their job.

Write your answer in the comment section and if you like explain why you picked the answer you did...thank you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Answer to the Generational Game Question!

The answer to the above question is:

'Create a team atmosphere where members encourage flexibility with schedules.'

Generation X'ers appreciates a work environment that is:

  • Fun
  • Have opportunities for development
  • Flexible
  • Is functional
  • Gives autonomy
  • Is casual and informal
We will post another question on Monday, May 30, 2016 (yes we know it is Memorial Day).  Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Generational Question... Leave an answer!

Generational Question To Start The Ball Rolling!

1.  You are trying to attract Generation X'ers on to your staff what kind of environment would appeal to them?

a.  A team atmosphere where managers get involved closely with the associates to help direct them.

b.  A team atmosphere where team members work and encourage  flexibility with schedules.

c.  A team atmosphere that awards associates according to their   years of experience.

Feel free to explain why you choose the answer you did in the comment section!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Generational Differences Game

The events and conditions each of us experiences during our formative years determines who we are and how we see the world.
As a result of these events and conditions, each generation has adopted its own ‘generational personality’
Lynne Lancaster and David Stillman
When Generation Collide

Baby Boomers
Generation X
Starting next week, on Monday's for several weeks I am going to post either an event, situation or action from one of these generations and I am going to ask you to post which generation you think I am posting about or which answer scenario you choose!

On Wednesday of each of the weeks, I will post the answer from the program put out by Connecting Generations Global Edition... (all rights are reserved Clair Raines Associates)
Therefore until Monday.... start learning about all the events, personality traits and actions of the different generations.  Such as Traditionalists:
They have experienced hard times related to World War II… but then they experienced the good times and prosperity which followed the ending of the war.
žThese individuals from this era were influenced by adults that survived the depression so they tend to be conservative and cautious with their money. 
They work hard for what they have and they were raised to ‘respect their elders’ and ‘their superiors’.